Tuesday, 7 June 2011

The last one...

We always have new or old experiences to remember or share with others and I believe that the fact of write the important moments that we’ve lived or say what do we like or dislike is very pleasant. Not only because we write it; but give ourselves the time to think about what does really make us feel good in different topics. Moreover, we can know more things about our classmates, discovering what do they like. In the blogs we can introduce ourselves, say what we think about something, know new people, know new things and discover who has the same likes than ourselves.

On the other hand, these topics that we explain are topics that we can use in normal life; they are common so they are useful to talk with someone that we are just meeting. On my experience, I traveled to Canada to my uncle’s house and my cousins only speaks English and I only spoke Spanish so, if I’d known all this it would have been useful. Also, the blogs are written by ourselves, so we can speak at length in English and using the words that we used to use, that is a good thing because it’s better than read a book or others blogs because we don’t use the same words or expressions.

The topic that I liked the most was “The best day of my life” because it gave me tima to remember so many moments that I’ve enjoyed and some remembers that I left behind.  Remember or come alive again some memories is good and we can relate them to others so we would share the happiness that we felt on that moment. It’s useful too to let your friends know some things about you that they didn’t know and explains a lot about your personality. Each one appreciates their own experiences so, why not share them ?

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Ropa Vieja (:

Actually, I don’t have only one favourite food but there is one dish that I really like. Its name is “Ropa vieja”. It is a Cuban dish like the Chilean “carne mechada”. This meat is very seasoned and usually it’s served with rice made with kidney beans. Also, you can add fried bananas, it’s delicious!

If you want to make this dish, you will need: Meat, an onion, red pepper, green pepper, a clove of garlic, tomato sauce, olive or sunflower oil and, if you can, you can add some wine.
When you have all the ingredients you have to:
Cook the meat in water until it get tender, when it’s ready, don’t throw all the gravy because you’ll use some for the sauce. You have to fray the meat. Then you have to cut the garlic, onion and peppers in tiny bits. Fry lightly all this and season it and add the tomato sauce, the meat, the gravy and the wine (if you want to, I think that it’s better without wine). Finally, cook all this over a low heat.
There is no one that I know that doesn’t like this food, in my case, I’ll never reject it. In my house, we eat it on every New Year, we always make a banquet and there has to be the “Ropa vieja” and everybody eat at least a little.
This is that kind of food that you can eat on important dates or in normal days. If you eat it someday, you will remember me: it’s delicious!

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

My 15 Birthday party !

A few years ago, in Chile the girls didn’t use to celebrate her 15 birthdays, but in other countries like Cuba, it’s a tradition, because it’s the moment when that girl becomes a woman.
This picture shows my 15 party, it was a very important moment for me, because I was doing something related with the Cuban culture. My mother bought two dresses to me for that day, the first one (the one that I use on my picture) was light blue and the other one was black, that day I went to de hairdressing salon and I had a manicure.  I made the invitation with my parents, handmade, and these were very beautiful.
When I arrived in the place, there were all my friends and relatives. First I said hi to everybody, talked to the people and then my godparents gave me a crown like part of the tradition (this is the moment that my photo shows but I don’t know who took it). After that, we all went to our seats: there was a banquet. When it finished, I danced a waltz with my dad, we practiced about one month before that day, so it was nice.
Then it was the birthday song time, but before that, I light each candle one by one with my friends and relatives help: I called someone, like my mom, I said why I choose her like one of the 15 most important persons in my life and then she light the candle for me. When I mentioned the 15 persons, everybody song to me and my parents gave me a gift: the last doll of my  life (I still have it). Then the party started, I changed my dress and just had fun!

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

The best day of my life.

I think that I don’t have only one day that is better than all the others but there is one day that I remember as one of the bests. It was my birthday on the last year. That day (August 5th) I went to the school and my friends had a surprise for me,  they didn’t let me get in the classroom because they were preparing everything for me, so I went to other classroom where I have a lot of friends. Then I went to my classroom and there were a lot of balloons and many gifts on the table. My classmates sang the “happy Birthday” song and my friends hug me. Then I started to open my gifts: my best friends gave me a white chocolate bar that weigh 1 kilogram. It was huge! There were other gifts but the other that was very impressive was a one that had hearts stickers on it. I was very confused because my boyfriend wasn’t my classmate and it was too early (8 am) so he couldn’t be. I finally open it, it was a big collage with photos made by him, it was beautiful (then my best friend told me that they meet that day at 7 am just for me!)

In the afternoon, my friends and I decided to go to the mall and eat something to celebrate, and I told my boyfriend that we might meet there, but when I leave the school, somebody hug me from behind, with a big paper rose and a huge helium balloon, I turned over and I saw him, it was  big surprise. Then we all went to the mall and in the afternoon there was a “once” with my family.
Maybe it’s not some day out of common, but I was with almost all the people that I love.

I dont have any birthday pictures but there are two pictures, one with my boyfriend and the other with my friends. 

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Mobile Phones !

              My favourite piece of technology is the mobile phone because it’s useful to contact anyone that you need. Sometimes you lay down some day an hour to see a friend and for any reason you can’t go, or you’ll get there later than what you said, so you can call your friend an tell him/her what happened and lay down another day. On the firsts mobile phones you only could send messages and call people, but today you can find all kind of applications for everything that you want. Also, I had my first mobile phone when I was eleven or twelve years old, it was very ugly compared with the one that I have today. I use it mostly to call people, send messages and listen to music on the street. I don’t leave my house without it; I used to use it every day.
               My life without it would be so different, because I use it as my alarm in the morning, I listen music when I take the bus, I call or receive calls from important people or important information, like accidents or changes on the plans; so my life would be less informed and more boring.

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

James Blunt !

I think that the music is very important for everybody, when you’re happy, sad, angry or any other.
Today I’m going to show you the singer that I like the most when I’m sad. His name is James Blunt, he is a British singer-songwriter very famous after his single “you’re beautiful”. He plays pop, rock and romantic music.
His albums are “Back to Bedlam” in 2004, “All the lost souls” in 2007 and “Some kind of trouble” in 2010. The songs that I like the most are “Tears and rain”, “Same mistake”, “Carry you home” and the last single: Stay the night.
I like this artist because some of his songs are relax, and others are heavy. Also, I like to sing so I enjoy listening to the music and singing at the same time when I’m walking on the street or staying on my bed. I feel that when I’m singing I’m free to do what I want like scream or sing out loud and that makes me feel better (it’s like when somebody tells you that if you scream on the pillow you’ll feel better hahaha).
Actually, I heard this singer every time, not just when I’m sad, so I invite you to listen him, it’s really good and I know that you’ll like him.

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

My career-related website (:

Mechones párvulo y básica 2011

Hi! Today I’m going to show you the website related with my career that I visit the most. It is a group in “facebook” called "Mechones de Párvulo y básica 2011"; it was created to keep us (my classmates and me) in touch. Also, it is useful to be informed about meetings and activities in the university.
In that group you can post in the wall, share pictures, links, videos and information. Even, if you want a quick answer about something, you can open a chat window and talk with the people in the group that is connected on the facebook website.
I visit this website very often because I don’t have to be in the group to know the news; I just have to be on facebook. There is an icon that notifies you when somebody writes or posts something. It’s a fast way to know everything that you need, like when is the next exam, which book does I have to read, etcetera.
This website is awesome too because you can get in some classmates profiles to see their pictures and post everything that you can imagine (: